The Church

Who we are

The Chronicles of RCCG Heritage Chapel

Nestled within the expansive tapestry of faith, Heritage CHAPEL stands as a luminary parish within the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), an international spiritual network with its heart pulsating from the hallowed grounds of Ogun State, Nigeria, while its American epicenter beats proudly in the heartland of Greenville, TX, USA.

Our Vision

Empowering generations, transforming communities;
Sharing Christ's heritage worldwide.

Our Mission

At Heritage Chapel, we are dedicated to spreading the transformative Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ across the globe. We aim to strengthen families, friendships, and neighborhoods, starting from our foundation here in Houston. With unwavering faith, we nurture an inclusive environment where everyone is embraced, enabling individuals and families to flourish as they uncover God’s purpose for their lives.

Our Core Values

Holistic Growth

Harnessing the power of spiritual, emotional, and intellectual growth, we foster an environment that enables individuals to develop holistically. 


Encouraging empowerment through the teachings of Christ, we equip our members to be leaders and influencers within their families, communities, and the world.


Rooted in the unwavering strength of our faith, we face challenges with courage and perseverance.


Inspired by Christ’s unconditional love, we celebrate diversity and foster an atmosphere of acceptance. 


Taking cues from the Gospel, we embrace the power of transformation – both on an individual and societal level. 


Embracing authenticity, we create a safe space for individuals to be genuine and transparent in their faith journey.


Centered on the boundless grace of God, we extend forgiveness, compassion, and kindness to all. 


Pursuing excellence in all that we do, we offer our best to God and our community.